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Men Unite EVENTS 


Our First ever Foot Golf tournament is taking place on Saturday 17th June. For more details click here



Gather together with other Christian men for a breakfast bagel and coffee. Whilst discussing life over coffee we have a short encouragement from the bible and chat through what it means for us as Christian men to keep being a light amongst our friends and families.

Saturday 1st April / 6th May / 3rd June / 1st July

7:30 - 9:00 am


Java Bar, Uppermill (directions here)



A safe place to ask questions and discover more about becoming a Christian. Relax with a pint as we look at a passage from the Bible and discuss how it applies to our lives. 

Monday 3rd April / 24th April / 8th May / 22nd May / 5th June / 19th June / 3rd July / 17th July

8:00 - 9:30 pm

The Kingfisher, Greenfield (directions here)



Coming soon - join with your mates as we have a game of Footgolf followed by food. (Don't know what Footgolf is - click here)


For more details please contact Tim on 07878190604 or email Tim here