Crossfya is a high energy band combining rap, heavy vocals and soulful beats. The band tour throughout the UK and Europe performing at festivals and concerts.
Crossfya use their music as a tool to inspire young people with the life transforming message of hope found in Jesus.

About the band

Crossfya was first formed in 2013 and have performed across the UK & Europe to over 300,000 people . The current 3-piece of Tim, Nana and Nat have been together since 2018.
Crossfya use their music as a tool to inspire young people with a message of hope and positivity. They enable them to see their potential to be the change through a relationship with Jesus. Crossfya love putting on a great show at large events and keep themselves reachable by connecting with young people in more grassroots environments.
As artists Crossfya take their responsibility seriously to empower those who respond at events by inviting them to join the Faith Gang movement.

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Crossfya have hit a No. 1 single on the UK Christian charts, and have 300,000 plays of their tracks on Youtube.

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Crossfya have performed to over 300,000 people from headlining festivals to schools tours and outreach concerts.

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Crossfya have worked in high schools all across Europe, combining their music with teaching, group activities and audience interaction.

A typical week involves assemblies, lessons and end of week concert where young people are given the opportunity to respond to Jesus.