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We're always  excited to bring our ministry to new places in the UK, Europe, or around the world. To find out how you can be involved with what we're doing just send us an email using the form below.

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Over the years, Crossfya has had the opportunity to bring their music and message to people all around the world, not just in the UK.

In 2020, we have an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with hundreds of young people in a country that has a high level of persecution of Christians and sharing the gospel is illegal.
This is why our opportunity is so incredible. We have been invited by local partners who have openings for us to share Jesus clearly with many unreached teenagers through our band Crossfya. This is an open door that is too good not to go through.
Due to the sensitive nature of the opportunity we cannot publicly give more details as it will hinder the work we are doing but we hope that you'll help us to share Jesus in the places that are hardest to reach.

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A simple desire: to Make Jesus Known across the world.

MJK’s vision is to reach out to everyone with the great news of Jesus and the amazing life-change found in Him. We give people the choice to join His movement and let Him use them to transform the world.

We work in partnership with churches and Christian organisations across the world in order to make this a reality.
Tim Cooke started Make Jesus Known along with his wife Charissa in 2006. He is a passionate and gifted communicator, who has shared the message of Jesus with over 250,000 people. His burning desire is to see those that don't know Jesus come into a living relationship with him, and for Christians to be set on fire to make Jesus known where they live. If you are interested in Tim or Charissa coming to speak at your outreach event or church please get in touch.

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