Dominating Mental Health During Lockdown
on December 2nd, 2020
IntroductionMen's mental health has immensely increased in societal importance over recent years, there is more of a general understanding about the challenges that men face in everyday life and the implications of these challenges are well documented in men's mental health statistics. To understand the magnitude of the issue, it is paramount to explore some shocking statistics surrounding men's m...  Read More
Good news!
on June 29th, 2020
As you know we are seeing amazing responses to the gospel online.I know you have only just been sent the MJK newsletter but I had to email to let you know some great news.I am so excited to tell that a funder has just pledged to give the biggest donation MJK has ever received!This gift is specifically to grow our work online and to fund workers to manage and grow all the responses we are seeing.Th...  Read More
We're moving!
on June 4th, 2020
Exciting news!  We are in the final process of the paperwork to get the keys to our new HQ!It is an amazing building in the centre of Oldham and will enable us to have a purpose built video studio, recording studio, office space and potential to grow missional opportunities across the town and local area.We have got a great deal on the building and God-willing we will be moving by July. We will th...  Read More
MJK - May News
on May 22nd, 2020
As a ministry we are focussed on reaching as many people as we can.Over the last few weeks we have seen nearly 250,000 people watch our evangelistic videos.We receive hundreds of comments and questions each week - those asking for prayer, looking for churches, seeking answers and much more.With our stripped back team this has been hard work, but it is such a privilege each day to see people accept...  Read More
Lights, Camera, Action!
on April 7th, 2020
A Growing Lives grant of £16,750 from Allchurches Trust is helping to fund the ‘Young People Filming’ project - a unique concept from the charity, Make Jesus Known. The grant will be used to build a video studio, where 30 young people will learn how to create video content designed to share their faith.The studio will be based in Oldham, ranked as one of the most disadvantaged towns in the UK. The...  Read More
on March 19th, 2020
The world around us appears to be in constant flux and changing beyond recognition. Thank God we know the one who is stable and uses circumstances to open people’s hearts to the good news found in his Son.Practically our face to face missions have been cancelled for the next few weeks. There is also a lot of uncertainty around Crossfya outreach events over the coming months. We are implementing wo...  Read More